DV Lottery Winner Service

After winning the DV lottery, some important steps must be taken to actually obtain the Green Card. It is a complex process during which we are happy to support you through our DV Lottery Winner Service. Find out all its advantages below!


Your benefits with the DV Lottery Winner Service

Getting selected as a winner in the annual raffle took you an important step closer to reaching your American dream! However, you need to be patient with the following Green Card application process, as it will take some time until you are actually able to make the big move.

Especially filling out the lengthy DS-260 online form can be quite tricky and time-consuming. If you need help with this complex application process, including interview preparation, we will gladly assist you through our DV Lottery Winner Service. When you book this service, you benefit from numerous advantages!

Personal customer service for you!

The winner service includes a personal contact person who knows all the details of your case and will be at your side throughout the entire process. We offer unlimited telephone consultation so that none of your questions remain unanswered. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you need advice!

We are an official Green Card agency with over 20 years of experience in the fields of US Green Card and immigration. Be assured that you are in good hands with our government-licensed immigration advisers.

Preparation of your Green Card application

After you are selected as a winner, you must first complete and submit the DS-260 online form to confirm your win. This is a very important step, and you should be especially careful with the information you enter and avoid any mistakes. Make sure that all answers are truthful and complete, otherwise your application may be rejected!

You should know that the DS-260 form can be up to 72 pages, so it is quite a hassle to provide all the answers. If you book our winner service, we will fill out and submit the comprehensive form online for you.

Preparation for your Green Card interview

Please note that you will not receive a letter from the US consulate about your interview appointment. You will only get an Email notification saying that the date has been set. To find out the date, you must register on the official US DV Lottery website.

If you book our service, we will check the consulate appointment for you! In addition, we can give you helpful tips on the questions asked and how to prepare for the interview, since we have gathered a lot of valuable information from our former Green Card winners.

Exclusive access to our winners' forum

If you would like to get in touch with other winners, you can do so in our exclusive winners’ forum! There you can ask all your questions and learn from the individual experiences of others.

Moreover, we provide you with an extensive winner’s guide which contains all the essential information about applying for a Green Card and moving to the USA.

Free forwarding of your Green Card

The US authorities cannot send Green Cards to an address outside the United States. For this reason, you must specify a US address in the DS-260 form to which your Green Card should be sent.

If you are unable to do so, you can use the US address of The American Dream, and we will forward your Green Card to your home country. The 100 € service fee for this delivery option is already included in our winner service!

Free forwarding of your Social Security Card

To work or open a bank account in the USA, it is necessary to apply for a Social Security Card very quickly. Should you stay longer than three weeks during your first activation trip to the USA, you can do this right away.

If you do not have a US address for the delivery of your Social Security Card, you are welcome to use our US address as well. If you book our winner service, we will send the card to your place of residence free of charge (instead of a service fee of €50 per person/family).